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Lucky Draw Event

Publish Date: 26 Sep, 2021

Ghising Dreams Inc

"Prize" !! "Prize" !! "Prize"
"Dasai Tihar Dhamaka Haat Khali Najane Upahar"

98 Ghising Wholesale Pasal announced that We will provide prizes to the respective winners. The winner will be chosen from all customers who transfer money through our remittance service between September 1 and November 30. Our team will decide the winner from " GOLA PARTHA". We will reveal the winners on 10th December 2021.

Our Prize for the respective winners:
First prize: iPhone6 + charger + earphone
Second prize: 30 kg rice
Third prize: 5 kg of basmati rice and 1 kg of mutton

Note: We'd like to let you know that 98 Ghising Wholesale Pasal offers the most efficient and secure means of remittance.