Corporate No.: 8290003011215, Corporate Equal No.: 2900-03-011215
+81 92 292 9042
+81 70 1946 2040

Who We Are ?

Ghising Dreams Inc1

ドリーム合同会社 Dream Inc. (Dream) was registered by the Fukuoka Legal Affairs Bureau as a corporation located at Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka City Higashi-ku Hakozaki 2-27-4 A-2 with a corporate number of 829030121215, and the corporate number was designated on May 19, 2021. ドリーム合同会社 Dream Inc. (Dream) is a conglomerate comprised of multiple sister organizations, each of which has varied business areas that might profit from cross-branding. We are upgrading our company based on international practices and providing customers with the best service fairly and promptly. A wide range of goods, quality of production, offering services according to customer requirements, and human approach helps our company to grow every day.

Our company's narrative began when we launched a home delivery service for food goods such as rice, for which we received a lot of positive feedback from our customers. At that time, we believed that every great thing had started from the bottom level. Then, we just expanded our services much further and built several wholesale shops and restaurants, which are now considered a sister organization. In 2018, we opened Jyo Jyo (restaurant), where we provide subcontinental cuisine as the primary course. After that, in August 2020, we started 99 Mahal eateries. This restaurant had a diverse menu, including subcontinental cuisine. In the year 2021, we inaugurated three new organizations ( 98 Ghising Wholesale Pasal, Ghising Food Cafe, and Ghising Foods and 96 Bar ). Every product on 98 Ghising Wholesale Pasal is available at a wholesale price. As a result, the buyer may have their goods at a reasonable price. This wholesale pasal also handles remittances service. Drinks and snack products are provided at Ghising Foods and 96 Bar. Ghising Food Cafe serves meals and coffee. This company must regulate all these sister organizations in a proper way to reach a new high level.

This company is committed to accelerating the execution of our extension policy while continuing to build on the strength of our trademark—in helping our clients share expertise and create variation and in bringing positive change to the communities in which we work and live. We think that in such an atmosphere, solid decision-making and effective strategies would emerge organically from the give-and-take of everyday business interactions among all team members. We must be totally dedicated to building our competencies and evolving the organization in the future.


Company Name ドリーム合同会社 Dream Inc.
Established 19 May, 2021
CEO Bikram Ghising (ギシン ビクラム)
Address 812-0053 Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka City Higashi-ku Hakozaki 2-27-4 A-2
福岡県福岡市東区箱崎2丁目27番4号 A-2
Tel. +81 92 292 9042
+81 70 1946 2040
Mail [email protected]
Business Hours 10:00~19:00
Regular Holiday Satuarday, Sunday & Public holiday
Capital 5 million
500 万
Business Content Restaurant management and consulting
Import / export and sale of foodstuffs such as food, alcoholic beverages and spices
Import / export and sale of miscellaneous goods, etc.
Import / export and sale of handicrafts such as folk crafts
Interpretation and translation business